Movie Monday!

You guys first of all who watched The Walking Dead last night?? It was horrific and AMAZING all at the same time! One of my favorite shows of all time mainly due to episodes like last night, man o man was it great. OK ok enough…. no spoilers here. 

I feel like all the best movies come out in the Fall, which just adds to the list of reasons I LOVE Fall. Last weekend I was lucky enough to see 2 movies I have been super excited about and I have been waiting to share it with you all. 

I will preface this review by letting you know I LOVE Ben Affleck, so there, I said it. But really you guys this movie is great. Matt loved it just as much as I did. Ben Affleck plays someone on the Autism spectrum who is way more than an accountant. His focus, smarts, drive all help him in this underground world he is a part of. This movie is different and so entertaining and at the end your like “Man, that was Ben F*cking Affleck kissing ass and taking names…. with his pocket protector” But really though check out the trailer….

I read this book along with everyone else I know a few years ago and I had even forgotten what happened… so the movie was kinda a surprise for me too. This is NOT an uplifting movie, nothing good happens but man Emily Blunt is a great actress. I honestly thought she was so amazing and really became Rachel from the novel. Now let me say, I saw the Accountant the night before and LOVED it so maybe if I had seen them in reverse I would of loved this one more. Don’t get me wrong I liked this movie but it was so one note…. I don’t feel like it ever reached a dramatic climax so the ending wasn’t satisfying for me. I loved all the actors and I love seeing my books come to life but compared to the other movie this wasn’t as great as it could have been to me. wah wah

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