LA Dreams….

Hey guys, TGIF….. AMI right? Today I am getting my hair done and I am thinking of adding in some color to my do! We shall see!

As you can see we are still on vacation pics but we have switched gears to my girls trip in LA! It was quick just Fri-Sun but it was still great fun! I never do things like this so it was nice to get out of my comfort zone and see an old friend!

 My friend also named Nicole planned this whole weekend and invited me, it was so good to see her! I can’t believe we have known each other for OVER 10 years, I mean really. We met waiting tables in Okc at Mickey Mantles! I was the original Nicole so when she came on we all called her Chico, why? I have no idea now!

 After we all flew into LAX we had a little time and our AirB&B was 1 mile from the Hollywood walk of fame so I begged the girls to head over so I can experience it! I will say it was PACKED! I mean I knew it would but i was still shocked by the amount of people.

 We found some stars imprints but they were hard to find amongst ALL the tourists! This place was neat and right across the street was Jimmy Kimmel Live.

 I know I know…. the rule was DO NOT engage but they really pull you in. My face is a little shocked because I knew after we said “Cheese” they were going to expect to be paid, and they were, so we did. UGH! LOL

Right down the street was the Dolby Theater where they have the Oscars so I tried to erase all the tourists and imagine the stars on the red carpet!

 HELLO Hollywood! SO did we see any Celebs? Yes actually… one….. Adrian Grenier AKA Vincent Chase from Entourage had dinner with his date at the table next to ours. We were shocked at how SMALL he was. Like literally my size. wah wah

We started off Saturday morning with a yummy brunch and they even put the OU/TX game on the TV for me! BOOMER

 I wanted to see the beach of course so we took some time that morning to walk around Venice Beach! It was HOT, that California Sun was strong!

I wore a FAV new outfit of mine that will go great with ankle boots and a jean jacket or like here sandals. This outfit was super comfy to wear all day and nice enough that it was perfect for dinner on Saturday night also! I got all these pieces from my fav Evereve!

I HAVE to talk about this dessert and how something so simple can be one of the best desserts ever! This is caramel popcorn ice cream, with caramel popcorn and salted popcorn dust! Yes, really it is!! And this dessert we went crazy over…. it was creamy and salty and sweet and too die for! We had this at Paley on Friday night which is one of the top places to eat in LA right now!!

 So on Saturday afternoon we went to the “other” Venice Film Festival for the premier of When the Starlight Ends starring Jamie Frasier from Outlander. Yes, I know he has a real name but he is Jamie to all of us. My friend Nicole is a member of an Outlander fan group and we crashed their picture at the premier!

 Jamie Frasier was even at the movie…… he actually was suppose to be at the movie was backed out due to …. “conflict” with the financiers of the movie! HA!
So how was this movie??? I really do hate saying this… But I couldn’t have HATED it more! LOL I am NOT kidding, the worst movie EVER.

After seeing such a loser of a movie we had a wonderful dinner at Salt Air in Venice and then stopped by for a nice cream night cap at Salt Straw which was super hopping!

SO….. the creepy Air B&B we stayed in looked MUCH MUCH cooler online. This was my room cute right? WELL>…. the first night when I opened the bed sheets there was an article of clothing from what I assume was the person who slept in it last. GAG. SO yes, I slept in dirty sheets all weekend! LOL

This weekend was such a fun change of pace for me and I love seeing new places so HUGE thanks to Nicole for planning this!! I am ready to do it again…. but in a hotel with clean sheets!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 21, 2016 / 3:09 pm

    What a fun trip!! Looked awesome….other then the movie and bed situation of course!

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