Boone Hall Plantation

Our last stop in Savannah on our way to Charleston was The Pirate’s House! It is now a restaurant but this building was built in 1733 and I knew I just had to be there if only for a moment. I mean ya, I am obsessed with Black Sails so seeing a place where the REAL Black Beard use to store his rum… I mean, wow! Just imagine what all happened inside these walls!

 Our first stop in Charleston was Boone Hall Plantation most likely the most famous plantation still standing today for many reasons:
1. It is in mint condition, the family stills owns this and in fact when they are in town they stay in this home
2. The slave homes are original and still standing, most plantations had them torn down but here you really can go inside history. Horrible history but still
3. Many many movies have been filmed here including a little film called THE NOTEBOOK!!!!

 The grounds are breathtaking and what you can’t see behind Matt and I’s smiles is that we are literally about to have a heat stroke! NO JOKE

 On the grounds you can take 6 tours and we toured the Main house, slave quarters and then took a buggy ride around the grounds to see the fields.

 We couldn’t take pictures inside sadly but it was beautiful, you could see and we learned how much this home has changed since the original property was build in 1743!!!! You can learn about this plantation by clicking HERE

 This is inside one of the 8 standing slave homes and I can only imagine the love and heartache that filled these walls.

 The slave homes were made of brick which was unusual but in the early 1700s this plantation made bricks so it all makes sense. Then this plantation grew indigo, cotton and crops through out its life span. And today it is still a working farm with over 100 crops all year round.

 The buggy ride was so nice and we saw the pond where Noah and Ali took the boat ride in the rain! swoon!

 On the grounds where a ton of horses and you guys I got to pet a baby pony and you know it… my day was MADE!!! Right after this picture the pony bit Matt and I couldn’t have laughed harder you would of thought Matts arm was ripped off! LOL!!!!!!!!

 After we left the plantation we had lunch at Raw 167 where the cast of Bravo’s Souther Charm eats from time to time and we loved i!t! Then we went by the theater where Noah and Ali had their first date!! I love the Notebook!!!!!!!


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  1. Anonymous
    October 13, 2016 / 7:06 pm

    I love how you do your research and plan everything in advance! You covered some great places, thanks for another virtual vacation destination! "Ripped off his arm"….lol

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