Last Thursday my parents got here for the annual Labor Day trip to spend with Matt and I, one of my favorite weekends! Friday after breakfast we headed to Colorado Springs to the Olympic Training Center which was one of our favorite things we did!

 And to think that just a few weeks prior everyone from Katie Ledecky to Ryan Lochte were all here getting ready for Rio! We were lucky enough to see and meet a few athletes…. Para-Athletes, Bobsledder and a Male Gymnast.

 The tour was great we got to see all the building and yes, even the pool where Michael Phelps trains!

 This place is huge and even has dorms, it is very much like a college campus but way fancier. The zero gravity treadmill was super neat to see.

 My parents loved this and I will definitely bring back future houseguests to this super cool experiance!

 After the training center we headed over to the Broadmoor for lunch and towel around a little bit on the grounds before heading back to Casa Savage!

 Dinner on Friday was great…. we went to Old Major this super hip place in Denver that cures all their own meats amoung a million other house made items! We all loved it!

It was a great first day with my family in town!!!!

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