IVF Update!

Who doesn’t love a funny passive aggressive picture to start their morning off right? LOL! It made me laugh and it’s true!
So today started day 5 of injections called STIMS…. which is Stimulating my ovaries, get it>?!! I told you that we are using different hormones this time to hopefully ensure a positive outcome and these cocktail of medicine is really kicking my butt! It’s hard to describe unless you have done this…. but I don’t feel like myself, AT ALL. I am battling a non-stop migraine for one but I am in a fog…. like I am on the verge of being sick, on the verge of an emotional breakdown all in one. It’s very sucky and I am trying hard to pull it together to do normal things like grocery shop today.
Yesterday I had another Blood draw and ultrasound, I go back tomorrow again. But yesterday was only day 4 so this is not unusual but there was no growth on my ovaries yet. It is worrisome and if we don’t see growth tomorrow morning then we will be changing my medicine protocol ASAP! I just pray please grow, please form follicles and please grow healthy eggs. And I ask that you do the same too, please.
We don’t have a date for the egg retrieval surgery yet… most likely the end of next week I assume. But it all depends on my growth, its a day by day operation ruled by blood work. I will update you all tomorrow on here but Instagram most likely!
I am off to acupuncture!

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