It Has Begun…

Hi Guys, Happy Monday! So it has officially begun…. IVF Cycle #2 that is. Friday I went in for Bloodwork and my baseline ultrasound and everything looked as it should. So yesterday we began injections. This time we are switching things up to hopefully get a positive outcome so getting use to using the new medicine was difficult yesterday…. it only resulted in 1 page to the Doctor on a Sunday morning! ha! 

SO one of the medicines we are doing this time is HGH, Human Growth Hormone and sadly last week we learned on our way home from Boston that Insurance refuses to cover it and we had to cough up $2,000 on the spot. Like literally in the airport boarding the plane…. So that sucked…. what also sucks is that at the injection site my thigh burned ALL day yesterday. It was sucky. My body is getting use to everything being in my system so I am dealing with a 24 hour a day headache and over all….. yucky-ness. But it’s only day 2. 

Over the last month I asked specifically for your prayers in helping my anxiety about this round. And I have to say it’s helping…. YOU ARE helping, my anxiety has been much better than I thought it would be thus far. I am also trying really hard to use positive affirmations…. like after giving blood last Friday I told myself over and over “how brave I was” or “How easy I made that”…. the logic is that if I try to give myself a positive vibe the anxiety will hopefully not build up each time. We shall see! I do ask that you continue to pray for my anxiety. 

I also ask for a very specific prayer….. below is your girlie parts…..The goal of all these injections is growing as many follicles as possible, I had 15 last time. But sadly they were empty of eggs but ONE. So I ask that we all specifically pray that the follicles will be full of healthy eggs. That they will not be empty. I really appreciate it, I think getting as specific as we can will be helpful!

I will keep you all update like last time…. to help educate, inform and update everyone who wants to be. ALSO…. I will posting all the Boston pics and stories all week too!!! Stay tuned!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 2, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Keep up the positive affirmations and great attitude! Specific prayers are great and consider it done; here is to lots of follicles producing MANY healthy eggs! You got this, Nicole. The sucky-ness is temporary. Ride it out and you will be on the other side soon.

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