Friday Round UP!

I am going to be honest I don’t have a ton to say right now because for the past week 4 days I never left my bed and then the rest of it was spent on the couch. And we all know I love my couch time but I could just scream, I am so tired of being sick. This afternoon I go to the Acupuncturist who I am hoping can get my body in check and help push me to get better and back on track. Fingers Crossed. 

Anyways today I have 3 fun reviews for you and they go GREAT, Good, eh…….

* OK, I know…like you haven’t heard about this show by now and most likely you have already watched it but for the few of you left (BECKY I am talking to you) DO IT NOW! No really, watch it this weekend…. I swear to you, you will love it. It is Steven King meets the Goonies and I can go on for days about why I love it. The kids are perfect, it was like they were born to be in the show… literally. Matt loved this show, my parents loved this show…… trust me, you will thank me. 

* Suicide Squad
2 weekends ago Matt and I went to see this… you know we love a good Super Hero movie so we were excited about this. This movie got terrible reviews so my hopes were not very high BUT We loved it! Ya, the story is weak but the way it is presented was too much fun. And the music??? We bought the soundtrack on ITunes before we even made it to the car! This is just a fun, no thinking required movie that your husband will most likely love!

* The book review……
SO, everyone loves this author myself included and right now this is the HOT book of Summer but I have to ask myself WHY>????? I was being nice when I gave this 3 stars on Goodreads! So this is about one fateful BBQ and the lead up lasts 3/4 of the book… when it is finally revealed what exactly happened it was the BIGGEST let down. The chapters of this book are about 4 pages and every chapter switches point of views, time frames and it is so confusing and it is confusing with pointless back stories that I couldn’t wait to be done of. Listen, this isn’t the worst book but this is completely forgettable. Don’t waste your Summer reading this.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 19, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    I want to see Suicide Squad but, have no one that is the least interested. I will definite make a solo trip to the theater and love good tunes, so I will have to buy the soundtrack prior maybe! Thanks for giving me a boost and something to look forward to this weekend. Fingers are crossed for the acupuncturist, you have to be up to that concert. 😉

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