Date Night

After I was sick in bed 2 weeks ago during my failed IVF I literally didn’t leave the house for like 2 weeks. But I knew I needed something to look forward to and I LOVE concerts, so I got us last minute ticket to see Journey and The Doobie Brothers! It was nice fixing my hair and getting dressed after that rough patch. Before the concert Matt and I went to eat at Stoic and Genuine downtown and the chef who owns the restaurant has been on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters! It was sooooo good! 

 The concert was great, Matt was pleasantly surprised by how many songs of the Doobie Brothers that he knew! Journey was amazing like always, this was my 3rd time to see them!

 Over all we had such a nice night out and lucky us this weekend AND next weekend we have concerts lined up!!! Foreigner with my parents this weekend and then my belated 35th Birthday gift from my parents….  Hall and Oats at Red Rocks! I cannot wait!

Tomorrow is FULL of last minuet cleaning… my parents come in tomorrow night AND Matts parents are here this weekend too! I won’t be blogging but follow me in Instagram for pics from the trip!!!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend friends!

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