Hi Guys, I thought I would finish off our Boston trip today with the last highlights of the trip!! The Friday Matt and I were there it was the hottest day of the Summer plus the humidity combined with all the walking and it was too much for me! I wish we had been there in the Fall and I could have enjoyed it more! But you know us we are go getters and we walked the Freedom Trail in the heat of the afternoon! ha This is me smiling while knowing I am covered in a heat rash …….

 I did love seeing all the gravesides and imagining all the history that has taken place there but like with any popular place you are surrounded by 100s of people at all times!

 I loved how these historic places are just in the middle of the city, the city just built itself around them.

 This is the historic Park City Church from the Freedom trail but it also happens to be the building where Delta Delta Delta was founded a LOOOOONG time ago by Sara Ida Shaw. SO that was pretty neat seeing the history of something I am involved in!

 Heck ya we went to Cheers, I loved that show and it is a CAN’T miss! And the neighborhood it is in is just stunning, the brownstones are incredible. I like to picture what the people do who live there, what lives they lead.

 Sunday of our Trip Matt played golf with his Oklahoma friends and I took a bus tour of Lexington and Concord, historic American Revolution battle sites. This is minute men park, the statues and monuments are dedicated to the farmers and ordinary people who would lay down their lives in a “minute” for the cause of freedom.

 The park itself was stunning and I really feel in love with the suburb of Concord. I wish I could of spent more time there…. it is so charming and full of history.

 Outside our hotel is this stunning building…. this is the oldest Boston Fire house. It is still working today but in the old days the left part was the stables where the horses were kept. I loved seeing it everyday.

Monday while Matt was in workshops I did the last minute tourist things…. and in the middle of the North End, Little Italy is Paul Revere’s home. I loved this, it’s original and seeing how people lived in the 1600s was so neat for a history buff like me. 

I also went to the Tea Party Museum and even thought it was recreation and re-enactments I really enjoyed it. I also learned that after being on that ship I would NEVER survive a cross sea journey. NEVER EVER. 

 Now this my friends is REAL history…. this is the ONLY original Tea Party box left in the world. It blew my mind, being in the presence of something that has “seen” so much …. I love it. I would recommend this museum as a must see for sure!

Overall the trip was great, I love seeing new things and being places that have seen so much history. It was TOOOOO hot but it is what it is! Til’ next time Boston!


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