Our 4th

Our 4th was very relaxing, just the way I like it! Matt and I spent a few hours at the pool and our neighborhood pool as a very fun water slide that we enjoy along with all the kids! ha! Then typically Matt went to hit some golf balls while I caught up on some DVR!

We had a fun cookout for 2, Brats with crispy onions on top (Matt loved) and grilled corn our summer staple! And of course Strawberry margs!

This is barely a recipe it is so easy but we eat this at least 2 times a week during grilling season! The key is the seasoning!  Sur La Table makes the BEST corn on the cob seasoning you can order online! Here is how we make our favorite summer staple!

Grilled Corn for Summer

Grilled Corn for Summer by nsavage on Polyvore

As you can tell our 4 legged kids also LOVED the corn! Oscar use to love corn, all day I thought man… I wish Oscar was here he would have loved today. That is until the crazy fireworks started! I can’t tell you how much I miss him every single day,

We then went to our downstairs patio and used our fire table for SMORES!!!!!! It was fun and once again the dogs loved it… I mean look at Ralphs face…. priceless!

Now once fireworks started I was inside with our animals who were so scared BUT the cool thing is the city of Castle Rock fireworks happen behind our house! So from our patio is literally the best view in the city! How lucky is that??!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!!!

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