KD & The 4th

Is it just me or did social media implode on itself this weekend??? So unless you live under a rock then you know by now that Kevin Durant signed with Golden State. The reason why 95% of Oklahomans are upset is simple…. It’s as if KD said “Can’t beat em, join them”….. This little speech below is perfect and reflects how a lot of us feel……. And I won’t get into my soapbox speech more about why his decision is weak I will let Stephen do it……

NOW….. all of a sudden on FB there are people who are NOT even Thunder fans who are “outraged” that anyone is upset about this, like HOW DARE you care about KD leaving. Um, ok.
Then there are people who are saying stupid things like this…..

1. “IF only we all loved Jesus as much as we love KD”
2. “If only people cared as much about human rights as they do about a basketball player, things would be different”

And I could go ON AND ON…. and I am just wondering where did I check the box? When did I get a form where myself and many others apparently checked a KEVIN DURANT box stating that we don’t love Jesus, care about our Education system or anything else? You all realize that you can actually care about a sports team and OTHER stuff at the SAME TIME. Ground breaking I know. I mean people WHO NEVER go to games, never post about our Okc Thunder are now SOOOO offended by those of us who care about this move. It is hysterical.

This brings me to my second point of the weekend. I do not like the 4th of July. I said it, OUT LOUD. So SUE ME………..
I am not a huge fan of standing outside all day sweating, drinking and the fireworks don’t interest me. What I also don’t like is how all 3 of my animals are scared too death on the 4th, I hate that for them. There was a HUGE party on my street and people were shooting off fireworks until almost midnight, I hate it. I was snuggling on the animals on the couch to calm them down and it’s not fun for any of us. So when I expressed this much on FB (my mistake) people immediately said I didn’t like our troops because of my hate for this holiday. Ok, hmmm…… Sure thank you to all the troops in 1776. I mean what? People on FB posted about how “Haters” hating on this Holiday because of their animals was ruining the weekend but I think that people wearing trashy ‘merica outfits is what ruins this holiday. The fact that myself and many others don’t like the 4th does not mean that we hate this country, hate our troops or hate Jesus. And I wonder if all the people on their high horses were at home in Silent remembrance of what our forces did in 1776 or where they out drinking?

What is wrong with people? When did everything you say mean you aren’t supporting the troops? Thats a joke. When did caring about a sports team automatically mean you don’t love the Lord? I’m sorry but it all got to me. I post about how people like my family who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a year on Thunder season tickets… we were there since the VERY first game… we have a right to be upset, feel hurt. I never once said burn jerseys, picket his house… I posted hysterical articles written by fellow Oklahomans and I get called out as dragging KD’s name thru the mud? HA! excuse me?!!

Anyways I am so glad to know that my love of the Okc Thunder and my disdain for Fireworks offends everyone so very much. Good luck with that

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