As soon as we found out this Spring that Matt had qualified for Farmers Insurance Championship and that it was going to be held in Boston we immediately booked our Fenway Tour! It’s something we do when we go to a city with an MLB stadium! I am married to a former College baseball player and we both love sports so it’s a win win for us both!

 Although neither of us are red Soxs fans that doesn’t matter here… .I mean this place is the stuff dreams are made of. And in fact it is on the National Historical register and can never be torn down. And a bonus for me is thinking about all the movies that have been filmed here also!

 We knew Farmers Insurance was taking everyone to the game but us doing the tour ahead of time made it all the more special!

 It’s pretty surreal sitting in the original seats wondering who all has sat there before, learning more about the curse of the bambino and watching them get the field ready for the game that night.

 Here is Matt on TOP of the famous Green Monsta!!!! The only score board in the MLB where people change out the score on 10 pound tiles instead of digital!

 Check this out…. this is on top of the stadium… Fenway Farms, this is used in the stadium and then also sold at local Farmers Markets, how neat?!

 This my friends is the FAMOUS Red Seat, this marks the longest Home Run in the park at 512 yards!

 Now fast forward a few days in Boston and we loaded up on a Tour Bus for Farmers Insurance to take us to the game and to tailgate. What we arrived to BLEW our minds!!! Farmers Insurance opened the stadium 2 hours early for us…. EVERYTHING inside was free to us and we got to watch the teams UP close and personal warm up for the night! It was the COOLEST thing ever.

 All the concessions had our logo on it and let me tell you…. walking up and getting anything you want for free is so weird and amazing!

 Me being the dork that I am was stoked and I had: 2 Pizzas, 1 Pretzel, 2 Pops, 1 Ice Cream cone and 1 Italian dog! I mean when in Fenway for Free right???????????

 Here is the starting Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers warming up for the night…..

 The Red Soxs taking batting practice, fielding, pitching… you name it! Matt and I were in Heaven but yes, it was like 95 outside so we were literally melting but it was worth it!

 The Red Soxs pitcher warming up……… I should of asked for a ball.

 Matt in his element, taking it all in. I am so proud of him for being 1 of the TOP 100 District Managers in the US and being rewarded with this amazing trip. And the fact that this…. Fenway, us, Free was on the agenda could not have been more perfect!

 The perfect way to end the day???? Watching BIG PAPI himself Mr Oztiz, #34 smash a 3 run Home Run on this last season!!!! This is him crossing home plate and celebrating! History right here folks!

I will have more Boston posts all week but this is the headliner for sure and yes, please feel free to be very jealous! It’s like a dream come true!!!!!!!

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