Busy and Semi-Stressed

I wanted to give you all a heads up… over the next 2, 2 1/2 weeks I will barely be blogging! I am super busy! I am excitedly in the middle of my first Real Estate Contract, YAY! Which closes the day after we get back from Boston! Today I have a million things to do and tomorrow we leave for Breckenridge for another work trip of Matt’s and will be mack Saturday. Next week we leave Thursday thru the following Wednesday for Boston and the Day after we get home our IVF cycle officially starts, injections included. I feel like it is all coming up really fast and I am kinda overwhelmed.
I want to be excited about our Boston trip, I mean I have never been and fun things are planned but it’s hard right now for 2 reasons:
1. You all know I am crazy but I HATE leaving my animals, they are my world and I always cry. I am so worked up about leaving them I can’t seem to get excited at all
2. I knew I would have alone time in Boston, any FREE work trip will include some classes for Matt and I get that, that is why we are leaving 2 days early but now Matt is golfing on Friday so I am alone all day again. I am taking a day trip to Salem via a Ferry alone. So during a 6 day trip I am alone for 3 days of it. Not ideal, and I don’t want to be down on that and make me miss my animals and my house even more. Does this make sense?
UGH… I know, first world problems. But also that week was our last week before the IVF starts so there is a lot of emotions I am feeling and I don’t really feel that I am being heard if you catch my drift. Anyways just shoot of some prayers for me to get my anxiety in check and that will cover a lot to things for me! HA! THANKS friends!
I’ll try to post pics of our Breck trip this week and make sure to follow me on Social Media!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 13, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    Sending up prayers! I am on FB off and on, more off these days. I will follow you on IG. Just in a funk but, my problems are even on a smaller scale then yours. I feel bad for you to have 3 days alone in a different city while on a little vacation. I hope you can find some other adventures to fill the time (maybe things Matt would NOT like to do)?Sorry, to hear that you are not being heard. I am sure that adds to the stress of everything. Excuse my usual ramble. Sending up prayers for you and the animals, and you will be in my thoughts. Happy traveling and house selling (congrats on that!!!)

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