Animal Sick?!

I am aware this whole conversation is all very “First World” poor little girl going on a nice vacation is worried about being home sick…. but it’s my life and my worry….

I have a confession, Last week we were suppose to stay in Breck for 2 nights but wound up driving home after the dinner on Friday because I missed my animals TOO MUCH! On the first night after a wonderful dinner I cried my eyes out.  I am FOR REAL. I am a 35 year old Woman who had to call her Mom in Oklahoma to talk me off my crazy upset ledge.  It kinda makes me feel like I am losing it but I can’t help it. Most of it stems from my deep connection and unconditional love of my animals who are my children, some of it stems from the fact that I am almost with them 24 hours a day, I mean ever since we left Oklahoma and Matt works all the time…. they are all I have, my world. And a little of my feelings stem from a change in my routine. My routine keeps anxiety at bay. But whatever it may be the feeling is awful.
I love seeing new places, I am excited about going to Boston for a week…. we have a nice young girl who is our house sitter but I know the animals routine won’t be the same and I know they will miss me…. which KILLS ME! I am literally nervous to go on vacation….. what kind of crazy person am I? Who I am is me, I am who I am and I love fiercely.
So while I am packing and getting things ready to head out on Thursday I am a bit of a wreck, I am anxious and scared to leave my children. Also, a little piece of this is that the next day after we get home our IVF cycle officially starts, injections and all…. and that really scares me. So ya, me… the hot mess express is gonna try to enjoy the vacation. You know the drill…….
1. Pray for my continuous anxiety about EVERYTHING
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Thanks for listening friends!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 19, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    My heart breaks for you! Lifting you in prayer for all this now and coming up.

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