The Conjuring 2

First up friends an update on yesterdays post…. no signs of Winnie yet. Please keep praying, a member of our family is lost and we are heartbroken. We are keeping the faith. 

Now switching gears completely, yesterday I decided to treat myself to a Monday afternoon movie… one I have been so excited about seeing. You see I do love scary movies, just not these ones now a days full of blood and guts. I enjoy a good ol paranormal scary movie and one that is based on a true story?? Even better! IF you know me then you know already I am “into” all things paranormal. I have read Ed and Lorraine’s books (a few of them) and so seeing something I believe to be true come to life on the big screen is awesome and terrifying. This movie is terrifying, awesome and I loved it! I did have to throw up a prayer before bed last night so I wouldn’t have nightmares about this movie but then again I am a weirdo! ha! But really, if you like scary movies then go see this! And ya, I jumped a few times!

And if you think this is all hoo-haa and you don’t think what Ed and Lorraine did was real, then to each their own but I am a believer in all things. Here is the trailer…

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  1. Becky
    June 27, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    I'm still having nightmares. This movie had me jumping from the beginning. This was a good one!

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