When I go back home to Oklahoma I not only get to see and spend time with my human family but my fur-siblings as well and they make my heart smile! So the perfect conclusion to the trip was the photoshoot I did with them all before I left! So in case you don’t already know my extended sibling family here they are…….

This is Betsy Ross my mini Australian shepard sister and she is irresistible! 

 This is her favorite pose and what she is waiting for is for me to give her KISSY FACE!!!!

 This artistic picture I call “Betsy thru the looking glass”…………

 This little girl is Gracie Mae and she loves to spend most of her time in the window watching the front of my parents house as well as long naps on all the beds!

This guy wasn’t around for my photoshoot but I didn’t want to leave him out so this is an older photo of my brother Fuzzie Bear! His favorite activity is eating, eating and also eating.

Now this little guy is Winnie-the-Poo and he is not even 1 year old yet!! God delivered him to my parents back porch last Summer and we all fell in love!

 This is Winnies favorite spot on top of the chair in the living room perfectly posed for kisses!

Now this gal is the Original OG Callie, Callie is 14 years old just like my Bella and in fact they both came into the family a few months apart!

 Callie loves posing for photoshoots and bossing everyone around!

This beautiful cat is Mom, Mom has the best heart and she splits her time outside and inside.

Lastly when I got home and told my Bella about the photoshoot she was jealous so here I present to you my love, my life Bella! That platter I had the wedding day cookies on and when I unpacked it you would of thought I brought it home just for her. SO like a good Mom I let her lay on it for a few days! ha!

I already miss my Oklahoma animals but luckily my Mom and Dad will give them plenty of love on my behalf!
Now, I am off to a clinic because I have a sinus infection…. I feel AWFUL! And I was suppose to do a garage sale today but now I am only doing it tomorrow because I feel so sick. ugh, why me?

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  1. Anonymous
    June 14, 2016 / 1:31 pm

    They are ALL so precious and beautiful! Great photo shoot; and "Betsy looking through the window" is perfect…should be framed and given as a gift to your parents or something. Love it!

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