Savage #staycation

So I said this yesterday on Facebook and it’s true… Sometimes the sign of a good weekend is the lack of a ton of pictures! Matt’s parents and brother were here Thur-Yesterday and we did a lot of fun things but honestly we were enjoying the moments and didn’t snap too many pictures. And thats a good thing! BUT I do have a few to highlight the weekend!

Friday was Boys Day and Girls Day which was great…. and the guys went golfing!

 Meanwhile us girls starting the day off with a little shopping then went downtown to have High Tea like the fancy ladies we are! It’s a special place that I like to take people when they come to visit and my MIL loved it!

 Friday night was GREAT we went to see Styx and Boston and we all couldn’t have enjoyed the concert anymore than we did! We got to hear all our favorite songs and the weather was just perfect! I had “More than a feeling” that we would all love it and we did! (You see what I did there?? ha)

 Saturday we started off with a great breakfast here in Castle Rock before heading downtown to the Rockies game and even though it felt like we were sitting on the surface of the sun we all had a wonderful time and my husband has the sunburn to prove it!

 I wasn’t as big of a trooper as these guys…. I gave up and went to find a spot in the shade for the last hour, I just couldn’t hang! After the game I tok everyone to a German place I love and then we all had a friendly game of Bocce….. and Matt and I won in case you were wondering! lol!

Sunday morning Matt’s parents headed out early so Landon and Matt did what else…. GOLF! Then the three of us went to the pool and had a steak dinner on our patio before Landon headed out!
I think I can speak for all of us including my dogs…. we were worn out but only because we had so much fun!

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