Me Before You

Saturday after the wedding I well… everyone woke up feeling like we had been hit by a truck, I mean Mom and I were sick! It sucked! Ha! SO I called Massage Envy and surprised Mom with a facial and head massage and I got a massage that afternoon and she loved it! That little 1 hour of me time really made us feel like human beings again, which was good because I had plans that night! Let me tell you… I am so lucky. This group of gals planning around my trips home to see me… I mean I couldn’t love anything more. My friend Crystal even drove in from Tulsa just for dinner and our movie! And that is something we all share… a love for books and books that become movies! So of course we had to see Me Before You!

We all met at our old stomping grounds the Moore Warren theater and had dinner in the balcony and then went to see the movie we have been waiting for! And let me tell ya that the entire theater didn’t have a dry eye EXCEPT for me… I have a cold heart! lol, no really.. I mean I felt it but no tears. And no, the entire movie is not sad it is a beautiful love story. I mean the cast is perfection and I literally fell in love with both of them all over again. I literally could not have loved this movie anymore. 

 So gals, thank you for the perfect ending to my trip I don’t think they really know how much it meant to me! And I was lucky enough to surprise everyone with leftovers from the wedding…. Cookies, Seed Packet Favors and Popcorn!
Here is the trailer….. GO SEE THIS MOVIE

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