Playoff Fever

Up near the TOP of things I miss about living in Okc is going to all the Okc Thunder Games!!! I am lucky, my parents have had season tickets since the very first Okc game!! Which by the way was o much fun! Anyhoo…. so when I knew I was going home Dad excitedly informed me I would be home for a playoff game! Yahoo!!

 Playoffs are like nothing else and it’s not just because you get free shirts, ha! But this was a special game this was the game we closed out Round 1 beating the Mavs!!! The energy is like nothing else!

 My whole family fell in love with the NBA when I danced for The Hornets and that love has never stopped! I LOVE going to games and going with Mom and Dad… thats my favorite!

We are currently in the midst of Round 2 and our fingers are crossed!!! Matt and I have already decided if we take it all the way we WILL fly home just for a Finals Game… thats History! I flew home, what 3 years ago when we played Miami in the finals and it was the BEST! I was just sad Matt couldn’t come…. so it’s time!!! We can do it

This was the perfect way to end my quick trip home to OKC!! Thunder UP!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 4, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    🙂 I will cheer them on; if it can bring y'all a trip home together! Start of that Summer Bucket List.

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