Monday again? ha! Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend! Matt and I had a good weekend….. well I know Matt had a great weekend, he played 3 rounds of golf in 2 days! I stayed busy doing things around the house! In between golf rounds we did get to spend a little bit of time together like Friday night we went to our favorite theater to see Captain America Civil War! We love Marvel movies that is nothing new but this one…. I LOVED! Really, this movie was FULL of action and so funny at the same time….. adding in Antman and Spiderman to the Avengers family was great plus the introduction of Black Panther…. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!! And yes, I am Team Captain ALL the way!

 Saturday Matt and I went to visit a new church in our area called Plum Creek and we really enjoyed it! We love that they have a Saturday 4:30 service which is perfect for us, since sometimes Sunday morning is the only time we have to relax together. I can definitely see us going back, so YAY to that!

 Sunday Matt woke up early to hit the golf course and then I met him at the Clubhouse for the annual Mothers Day brunch! We sat on the patio overlooking the course which is so beautiful while we drank our Mimosas! I may not be a Mom but I never say NO to brunch! It was great… who doesn’t love a Brunch Buffet?? After we finished up eating Matt got back on the course for Round #3! ha

 So I checked the extended forecast and it doesn’t look like we will be getting another freeze so I was excited to FINALLY fix up the patio and plant a few things…..
This is my BIG 35th Birthday present from Matt, a awesome patio set and fire pit! We have a 2 story patio…. upstairs on the deck is our grill, patio table and that enters into our kitchen. Below is now our lounge seating, fire pit and our smoker as well as the walk in entry to our basement! I am loving this set and can’t wait until this rain stops so we can fully enjoy this!

 Upstairs we fixed up the patio furniture we already had with new cushions, umbrella and a rug that I got for my Birthday from family. And we went with a “broncos” ISH theme!

 Look, last Thursday we got to have our first meal on the patio! It was kinda cool but we were determined!

I planted some flowers in our pots out front, what a difference that can make when you pull up!!

 Then check out my herb planter!!! This is a cart from Ikea and I used small pot to plant all my herbs… it turned out so well and what is great is that if the weather is too bad or cold I can literally just roll this inside! Thanks to my Mom who saw this idea in a magazine!

 Lastly, I ended the day with a little fire pit time, magazine reading and a glass of wine with the dogs before I started on dinner last night! Now if only the rain that we are suppose to get everyday this week will go away!!

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