35 in Okc

Hey Guys!! So the next few days I have some Okc posts for ya…..my quick last minute trip was just what the doctor ordered… literally. Mostly stress free and relaxing! Although, I almost didn’t make it on the plane to Okc… Denver Airport had a meltdown at security and the lines were up to 2+ hours to make it thru. Running thru the airport like a crazy person was not my finest hour!

Saturday night when I finally made it to Okc I got to celebrate turning 35 with my family and we went to the “hot new place” The Drake and I LOVED it! It’s seafood but what really had me at Hello was the Hush puppies that you wrap in ham and dip into honey butter, I am literally still dreaming about them. And here are all us kiddos before dinner…. my soon to be Brother-in-law Ryan, Marissa, My SIL Jordan and my cousin Brittany!

And my top is Anthro for those of you asking!!!

 After dinner we headed on down to Norman home of the Sooners and also now home to Marissa and Ryan who built a new home!! My Oma even stayed out past her bedtime to celebrate my Birthday! There is nothing better than a hug from my Oma…

 Sunday morning while my parents went to church I was able to sneak away and get my Brunch on with these 2 gals!! I have the best time with these 2 and they helped make my Birthday special!

 Sunday afternoon was Marissa’s Bridal shower and I will do a post about that coming up but after that I headed out to have dinner with the Savages!! I was so lucky we were all about to get together last minute and over pizza makes it even better! ha!

Something I love and miss about being home and snuggle on all my fur-siblings!!! I have 3 cat-siblings whom I love and this little guy is Winnie-the-poo and he is still a baby, 7 months old!! I also have Callie and Gracie (not pictured)

 Then there is my dog-sibling Betsy Ross or who I like to call Diana Ross and she is my girl! I mean look at her acting all cute begging for kisses! She misses me, I know it!

It was so special to be able to share this big Birthday with my family in Okc and thank you to everyone for fitting me in last minute, it means a lot!!!

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