The Story of God

The past few weeks I have been watching this mini-series on NatGeo called The Story of God and I am entranced. Here is the thing though this isn’t a typical Christian documentary on our God but this series explores all religions and what God is to them and to you. It is fascinating, take a look…..

You see if you are closed minded then this may not be for you but if you believe like I do that all religions are woven together and all have a basis in one God then this is for you. I believe that our God, the Christian God we know from the Bible is the same God for all religions. I believe that each religion really broke off a piece a truth and formed their beliefs around that, so that ultimately we are all connected at the root. This series really shows that if you ask me, each week is a new topic…. Evil, Life after Death, Gods origin and it shows how people around the globe see those topics thru their religion and worship of God. It’s so fascinating and I love learning and expanding my mind…. haha, I’m not as deep as that sounded!
Something this series also really highlights is Archeology and History. I have to ask you something…. What did you want to be growing up? I wanted to be and still want to be an Archeologist.  Stay with me here I am not switching subjects…… One thing about this show I love is being taken into the pyramids in Egypt to learn how they viewed God, following Morgan Freeman into a sacred Holy Temple in Jerusalem to see where Christianity started. It lights the fire inside of me that I had growing up for a love of Archeology. I also think that is where my love of the Paranormal started also. I love seeing an object or a place full of History, uncovering it and finding out why are spirits drawn to this place or thing? I love uncovering the past to find out how it effects today and that is no more prominent in anything than Religion.

If you haven’t seen this show before you can catch up OnDemand, I think there are a few more weeks left in the series. I hope that maybe if you watch this it might spark something in you, maybe you will learn something about another religion or find the common thread in people.

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