Steakhouse at Home

In my early 20s I worked in a fine dining Steakhouse and that not only taught me so much about cooking (i.e. my mad Risotto skills) but it taught me about appreciating a good steak! And what’s funny is that when I met Matt something I asked him early on is how he gets his steak cooked…. I am FOR REAL, I asked. If he was to say Med-well I was going to rethink the whole thing. Seriously though. Luckily Matt and I are on the same page about a good steak : 

1. You MUST get it cooked Med-rare 

2. We will pay a large sum of money for a good steak dinner

We have always cooked steaks on the grill, Matt is great but lately we have seen the light…. Steaks on  the stove top! And you guys literally I am very good at this! HAHA! Matt hates it when I say that but I cook a mean and perfectly cooked steak! The secret is???? It’s easy! SO… I decided to share it with you………….

There is really only 2 things you need Butter and a HIGH quality steak. We go to this speciality grocer for steak night and you really need to make sure your filet is at LEAST 1 inch tall or this won’t turn out! We get ours 6-8oz

Here is how:

Set your steak out to come to room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to cooking!

Season only with Salt, Pepper and Seasoned Salt

Put in a LARGE pad of butter and set your pan at Med-High….. You need it screaming HOT!

Place steaks in pan………

Cook the first side without moving it at all (don’t do it) for 3 minutes! Then turn then over and add 1 more pad of butter to pan and cook for 2 1/2 minutes… NO MORE!

Then sear the edges, literally for only 20 seconds all around… NO more! No more I say!!!!

Then I like to top my steak off with a pad of Truffle Butter from the specialty grocer. You only want your steak to rest for 3 minutes, if you let it sit more until you eat it will continue to cook to medium or more…. trust me! SO make sure your sides are already to go before you start your steak!
This night we were easy peasy…. we just had a baked potato with Ranch sour cream and our steak! But look at that perfection! The hot pan gave it a flavorful crust and the inside perfectly soft!

Now, if your like me you might not eat your whole steak and thats a good thing because you will then have the perfect lunch or dinner for one the next night!!!

Steakhouse Salad night 2!
Leftover Filet
Balsamic & EVOO
Shaved Parm

Get your pan screaming hot again and all your gonna do is heat your steak for about 2 min, each side! And don’t forget to throw the butter in the pan too! You just want to get the outside warm……

Dress your arugula with Balsamic, EVOO, Salt and pepper….. add your sliced steak and top with shaved parmesan and BAM!!! Steakhouse Salad!

Go ahead and impress your hubby with your mad steak skills, you will thank me!


  1. Anonymous
    April 8, 2016 / 5:27 am

    You're awesome, Thanks!!

  2. Garima
    April 21, 2016 / 7:01 am


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