Today is the BIG day….. Today I turn 35 and I am not sure if I thought I would wake up and feel THIRTY FIVE but I feel no different. I keep waiting to see at what year I will “feel” like a full-on-grown-up but it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe next year, right?
Today I thought I would share with you 35 Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Words of Wisdom and/or just things that make me happy. This list is as much for me as it is for you, certainly this past month I need to take out the time to remind myself about the things that make me happy.
(In NO particular order other than when it popped into my head…)

35.  When I was 18 I thought that the life “plan” was Married at 23, Kid # 1 at 25, Kid # 2 at 27 and a partridge in a pear tree at 30. But that is just the life plan I thought I was “suppose” to have……..

34. Married at 26 was the perfect year for me, I had enough time to live alone…. no room mates just me. I had time to gain independence and grow as a person before I added another person into the mix.

33. My Wisdom…. Live ALONE at least once and for at least a year.

32. Another thing I am guilty of is the thought process of “When I……. I will be…..” EXAMPLE: When I get married life will be perfect, When I buy a house life will be perfect, When I have enough money life will be perfect…… You see the common thread? I am always reaching for that one thing and sometimes I forget to enjoy or just live in the meantime. Its a bad habit of mine. I need to change it.

31. Take a moment out of each day to see what you have done even if it was only doing laundry. Hey, I did something…..

30. Life doesn’t change too much just because you are in your 30s

29. And life isn’t over just because it’s your last year in your 20s.

28. READ, I am so glad I was born with a love of reading! Reading each night at bedtime makes me happy!

27. Indulge, I love stupid celebrity gossip! Who doesn’t love getting a small peak into the lives of someone else?

26. I only have 8 more hours of Real Estate School left and then all the exam prep! It might have taken me MONTHS longer than I thought to do this but I haven’t given up!

25. I WILL be a parent one day.

24. Matt made me my favorite breakfast this morning before he left for work… PANCAKES! It made me and the dogs happy who also have a sweet tooth like their mom!

23. I LOVE my DVR and I have no shame! Watching my shows makes me happy. Literally the moment I get snuggly on the couch with my dogs…. I am in BLISS

22. I HOPE that I will touch someones life, or make a real difference in someones life one day.

21. I LOVE to travel and see new places and I have all the dreams of traveling overseas but I can barely stand to be away from my animals. Its a fine line.

20. Some people eat when they are unhappy… I shop. In that moment of a new purchase I am so happy. It’s a seriously bad habit.

19. I have learned in the past year under-going infertility treatment that I am MUCH stronger than I thought. And I need to remind myself of this more often. And I need to be proud of that, it’s something.

18. I wish I hadn’t given up/retired from Dance at 27 when I got married. I wish I had stayed in shape a bit longer and “milked” it a little bit more. Hey, I could have been the 35 year old Broncos Cheerleader? HA!

17. I LOVE making people happy, I love it when someone smiles because of something I have done. At the same time this is kind of selfish because it makes me so happy.?!@#$#

16. My goal this year is so eat healthier but also step out of my box, I want to really challenge myself from time to time with things I cook at home. AND I need to share more recipes on here! I promise I will do better!

15. You guys it is snowing right now at my house and this weekend we are suppose to get another foot of snow! HA

14. I think we all need to be reminded that saying NO is not a bad thing. Saying YES and then hating something is much worse.

13. A goal Matt and I have this Summer is to use our raised planter beds to plant our first garden! Now we just need the snow to stop so we can plant something.

12. Movies are my escape, I love relaxing and just being entertained for 2 hours. I also love looking forward to a new movie I am excited about. Like how Matt and I have had our tickets for next weekends Captain America for a few weeks now! It makes me happy

11. Sometimes I worry how I have not had a child for 35 years or my life and how Matt and I do what we want will that transition be worse for us? Will I suck at being a parent since I haven’t been one?

10. My animals are my world, as are my fur-siblings at my parents house. Sometimes I look at them and cannot get over how much I love them and I can literally feel the love in my heart

9. I miss Oscar every single day. I think about things I miss, I try and remember what it felt like to hold him, what he smelled like and how I would do anything to bring him back. My love for him was so big I am not sure the hole in my heart will ever heal.

8. I wish that people who pass judgement and call themselves Christians would realize that their sin of judgement is the exact same in the eyes of God as the sin they are judging. (This applies to no one and everyone at the same time in my eyes)

7. I hope that one day Matt and I will be able to take our kid(s) on fun family vacations and make memories that will last a lifetime.

6. I wish more than anything in the world I would NEVER have another migraine again. I haven’t talked about them much because our infertility has been my focus on here but I battle them each week just like I always have. What I wouldn’t give for a cure.

5. I am going to make Matt and I a Summer Bucket List, things we can do together and enjoy while we are on a break from all fertility treatments. May, June and July. And I want to spend afternoons being lazy at the pool!

4. My hope is that people will feel a kinship with me thru this blog, whether you struggle with infertility, maybe you love movies and books like I do, maybe you are into fashion as much as I am or maybe you love seeing my posts about food. But the point is I am real, I am not some unrealistic person you can never be like most blogs. I am me, a person who isn’t perfect and isn’t afraid to show all sides of life.

3. I love living in Colorado, Oklahoma will always be home but when I think about how I am happy here in Colorado it makes me feel guilty.

2. My sister just posted this on my FB wall and she gets me……

Happy Birthday to my kitty cat sis Nicole Savage ! 

Here is an impromptu rap for you:
She’s sassy and she’s sweet,
She’s pretty cool and neat,
She rocks polka dots, she’s pretty hot
She loves animals quite a lot
Gonna find her in the target parking lot
Let’s celebrate her with all you GOT!

Woo! Love you sis.

Nicole Savage's photo.









1. Today I am going to paint my nails, watch some shows and then go to dinner with Matt! Nice way to ring in 35!


  1. Anonymous
    April 28, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Nicole, this is so awesome, and you are very real! I can relate to some on your list, and others I want to cry with you. I love walking this virtual journey with you and you have the best blog. (I have confessed before, you are my morning cup of coffee…since I don't drink coffee, reading your posts starts my day).You do put a little of everything on here for everyone, to love something and all the REAL moments with you.I am so sorry to hear about the migraines. I hoped the treatments made them somehow go away.I can't wait to see the Summer bucket list…I could respond to all but, I won't. lolPS – Marisa's rap is the cutest and Justin's nickname for you…cute!Happy Birthday again! Janet

  2. Sarah Couture
    April 30, 2016 / 12:20 am

    Happy Belated Birthday Nicole!I love your list of 35 things. I am existed to see the adventures you and Matt take this summer doing your bucket list!Hope you had a wonderful time in OKC with your family!-Sarah

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