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So I have always said I can’t just pick up any ol book to read and love it… I have to be in the “mood”. Another quirk I have is if I finish a book I loved it makes it harder for me to love the next one as much…. I know I know, I’m weird. But I think I might have added to my weird list…… Sequels. Both of the books below I LOVED the original and in fact so much that I counted down the days to these books release date.……………. and nothing. I couldn’t get into either of these books AT ALL. I do think it has a ton to do with the fact that is has been well over a year since I read the originals. And I am not one to re-read a book, I am a been there-done that kinda girl. Maybe I have to wait until a series is done and I can read them all at once?? Wah Wah…. what gives?

 The reviews online for these books are amazing, my friends like them… why can’t I, I SCREAM! Maybe I am just over series books right now? I dunno but I don’t like it. hpmf……

Does anyone else feel this way? Have a hard time lately with certain books? Series?
I did just finish this book up and I LOVED it…..

Six-year-old Gretl Schmidt is on a train bound for Aushwitz. Jakób Kowalski is planting a bomb on the tracks.
As World War II draws to a close, Jakób fights with the Polish resistance against the crushing forces of Germany and Russia. They intend to destroy a German troop transport, but Gretl’s unscheduled train reaches the bomb first.
Gretl is the only survivor. Though spared from the concentration camp, the orphaned German Jew finds herself lost in a country hostile to her people. When Jakób discovers her, guilt and fatherly compassion prompt him to take her in. For three years, the young man and little girl form a bond over the secrets they must hide from his Catholic family.
But she can’t stay with him forever. Jakób sends Gretl to South Africa, where German war orphans are promised bright futures with adoptive Protestant families—so long as Gretl’s Jewish roots, Catholic education, and connections to communist Poland are never discovered.
Separated by continents, politics, religion, language, and years, Jakób and Gretl will likely never see each other again. But the events they have both survived and their belief that the human spirit can triumph over the ravages of war have formed a bond of love that no circumstances can overcome.

This book was so good I hugged the book when I was done with it. I picked this book up at Target under their BookClub section, so thank you Target. This book shows you how resilient a 6 year old can be and you will follow her for the next 20 years as her life unfolds. I highly recommend this book. DO IT!!!!!!!

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  1. Becky
    March 11, 2016 / 3:07 pm

    The Girl From The Train sounds great! Definitely adding it to my list.I'm not real interested in the Glass Sword…I didn't "love" the first book.But Morning Star better live up to the series for me. The first two were great. I need the conclusion to be great too.

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