Real Estate School

I announced last Summer that I enrolled in Real Estate school and I did well for about a month but then we moved into our new home, we had house guests every month, we started our infertility treatments, Oscar got sick and the Holidays came… so I didn’t take any classes. I also didn’t talk about because I was disappointed in myself. January came and I knew that on several levels I needed to make changes….. my entire day circled around my infertility and things that had to be done regarding that,  I had no balance and no life. So at the end of January I committed to school again and around 4 days a week I take a class and then the test each morning.

 Yes, you can see Miss Bella is enjoying learning about Real Estate as well. But this new routine has helped me… I thrive on routine. I am one of those people and when my routine is out of whack so am I! SO after breakfast I bring Oscar up to my room with me where he sleeps in my bed while I take a class. This has been great for both of us, really. This gives me a purpose again, gives me a routine and it gives Oscar something to look forward to everyday…. his “me” time in bed.

I took my mid-term a few weeks ago and I am on the second 1/2 of the course and I have until June 1. So my goal is to have all classes done by the end of April and then in May I can focus on studying and take my test. I wanted to update everyone which also helps keep me accountable and let you all know this is still my goal, it’s just taking me a bit longer than I hoped to achieve it!

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  1. Anonymous
    March 3, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    Good job! Having a fellow student by your side and time with your sweet Oscar, it is a very good thing! I am excited for you and can't to see your license/certificate/diploma. 🙂

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