Meal Planner!

Hey Guys, can you believe another week as come and gone? Another day of grocery shopping is what lies ahead for me…. bleh! I had a pretty eh week…. as you know I had my fertility appointment, then I did school work and then I took Bella our cat to the vet. You know aging animals are just like humans… things happen. She has some bad old person teeth so it looks like she needs dental work, but her Stage 4 Kidney disease seems to be in a holding pattern which is good news. Anyhow… back to the food you are probably saying!

Friday Night is Date Night out this week, and I am thinking Burgers and House of Cards!

Saturday Night: I had us reservations at another steakhouse for Denver’s restaurant week but after Bella’s vet bill, I cancelled that and I am going to do steak night at home!
2 Filets, pan seared!
Grilled Caesar Salad
Risotto with Mascarpone
Classic Basked Cheesecake  ( You guys this is my FAV cheesecake to make because it is what my Mom made growing up, the recipe may look weird but it is a fav at our house!)

Sunday Night:
Peppered Shrimp with White Bean and Cauliflower Puree (this recipe calls for dried white beans but I fully plan on using canned, FYI)
Arugula Salad (Arugula with lemon juice, EVOO, salt and pepper)
Left over Cheesecake!

Monday Night: Matt will home…
Pan Chicken with one of these pan sauces in this link
Fennel Salad with Goat Cheese  ( I LOVE fennel, if you don’t use it… start!)
Roast baby potaotes

Tuesday Night: Just me
Salmon in Smoky Tomato Broth
Arugula Salad

Wednesday: No cook, either left overs for me or dinner with a friend!

Thursday Night: Matt home from retreat for dinner (I Hope)
Plain old Spaghetti….. Jar Sauce, Maybe Turkey instead of beef but nothing too special.
Left over caesar salad from Saturday (left over romaine, undressed that is)
Frozen Garlic Bread

Enjoy! Has anyone used any of the recipes I have posted lately? And??

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  1. Sarah Couture
    March 6, 2016 / 8:31 pm

    Hi Nicole,I tried the slow cooker broccoli beef and the skillet chicken with the mustard pan sauce! We liked them both. -Sarah

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