As you know I have committed to sharing this process with you all for several reasons. One being I can’t personally go thru something so big and consuming and not talk about it and second because to no fault of your own most people have no clue. Heck I had no clue about any of this until a year or so ago. A lot of you have come to me asking questions and really walking away with a better sense of what so many couples go thru. Ya ya ya… I know it makes some people uncomfortable, this is “private” well then that weirdness lies within you not me. Let’s jump into this thus far……..

Last Monday this all kicked off for me and I was a little more prepared then most since we went thru 6 failed IUI’s and I really got to know my team well which is so helpful for me. Last Monday I went in for the FDA mandated infectious disease testing, blood type test, chicken pox and measles immunity testing and that involved 5 vials of blood. That is the most I have ever given and since this was literally 3 days after Oscar passed I cried the entire time… over stress, Oscar and being scared about giving blood. BUT on the bright side I was so caught up in my emotional mess the Blood work was a breeze! ha! Second I had to have a sort of IVF trial run where the doctor in a sense “maps” out my whole insides ahead of the procedure day… all on a crazy full bladder for some weird reason… it sucked. Then I had my uterine lining “priming” which they call a Scratch test and it was as awful as it sounds! And no one told me IT HURT…I was totally NOT prepared for that at ALL, it shocked me. I cramped and bleed for a bit after the procedure. bleh. 

Tuesday Matt and I went in together for all of our consent paperwork as well as our Injectable class which luckily our clinic does this one on one with us. It was helpful and overwhelming all at the same time. And behold is a scene from our class as well as what $9552.00 in medicine looks like. NO JOKE, luckily our insurance covered a large portion of this…………And thank God when Matt saw the medicine invoice I thought he was going to pass out! LOL

So at home I have this awesome cooler in the kitchen as well as medicine taking up a shelf in my fridge. For the past week I have been having 1 shot per day which was a nice ease up to this Friday when I will begin 4 shots a day for several weeks. Plus oral medicine and eventually vaginal medicine. They are time sensitive to so it’s a lot to keep track of.

 Hence my handy dandy calendar which Matt laminated for me and is on our fridge! This Friday I go in for an ultrasound to check on my ovaries and more blood work. I am also doing Acupuncture once a week leading up to the second procedure as per directed by my doctor. Doing accupnuture one month leading up to IVF, as well as before and after your embryo transfer is said to increase pregnancy by 40% so we will take it!

So that is where we are as of now and now I need to do a little political/religious rant for y’all!
Several times we have been told “I wish you would just relax and pray to God and he will make this happen for you” and let me put it this way for you …….. We are diagnosed with a medical condition called infertility and given the 2% chance that we could ever manage to conceive on our own. So please tell me how this is any different then say this……..
A person breaks their leg and is told that if they do nothing there is a 2% chance that it will heal on its own… so imagine someone saying to them ” I wish you would just let your leg be, relax and pray about it”. That’s crazy, God gave us Doctors. When would you advise a cancer patient you love to stop doing the treatment that they are all for and just pray… only crazy people do that. I’m just trying to put this into something people can understand. It’s seems more clear now doesn’t it?

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  1. Becky
    March 30, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    Your last paragraph is perfectly put! Now hopefully people start supporting you instead of questioning your decision.Love you friend!

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