TV Tuesday?

This past month there have been a ton of new shows debuting and not just our old ones being back but all together new shows! And we all know how much I love my TV so today I thought I would share with you all my top 4! And don’t fret you can catch up on all of these OnDemand, we are only about 4 episodes into each!

Matt and I both love all these shows but Billions is TOP dog for Matt! This show is about Wall Street/Hedge Fund BILLIONAIRES! This show is smart and it has a way of making you not sure exactly who the bad guy is.?! I love Damien Lewis since Homeland and he perfectly fits the role of Charming Billionaire perfectly! You guys need to watch this! And ya, it’s Showtime so this isn’t for the kiddos!

Next up I have to say I can’t believe I am watching a show on MTV or that we, Matt and I both are in love with a show on MTV! I had to look up what channel it was on my TV, ha! This show is Lord of the Rings meets hot teens… for real and we love it! This is based on bestselling fantasy books and it really is something to watch!

I thought that the WGN network only showed old Andy Griffin shows but man was I wrong! I actually saw the trailer for Outsiders in the movie theater before a movie and it looked awesome. Plus it is bringing back a favorite of mine from Sons of Anarchy! This show is set in the Appalachia and the “feral” families who live in the mountains and it is SO GOOD! We have also seen a trailer for another show on WGN called Underground set to premier next month about the underground railroad and we can’t wait!

Lastly is a show I wanted to hate, I mean JLo really? JLo trying to be tough….. but we couldn’t hate it, instead we love it! This show about crooked cops, the FBI and family is great.  We look forward to this show eat week and JLo is really good. So forgive me for not trusting in you! ha!

What new shows are you loving???

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  1. Kathryn
    February 16, 2016 / 11:31 pm

    We LOVE Billions and Shades of Blue too!!! Also Suits is an oldie but goodie!!

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