The VVitch

When I say I don’t watch scary movies what I mean is I don’t watch anything in the whole “saw” genre. I am not into 100% gory torture, but what I do like is traditional scary involving ghosts or say…. witches! This movie was getting ALL this buzz, even Steven King saying he was scared to death by this movie…. I just felt like I needed to know what it was all about.
Before I get to the movie review I have a funny story…. Matt and I went to the movies at like 10am Sunday morning to see this movie and much to our dismay the theater we were in had sound problems. I was so bummed, I had worked myself up to seeing this movie. The staff told us we could just go to another movie…. so we walked around and the ONLY movie starting right then was Risen! HAHA! SO we went from Witches and demons to Jesus. It was hard to switch my mind around but Risen was good. Maybe a renter but we still enjoyed ourselves. Thanks, God for making us feel bad about our original choice!
SO Monday I decided to go see this by myself in a theater by myself at 10am… which did make it scarier! For the first 1/2 of the movie what is scary is the music, the creepy family, the setting and the waiting for “something” to happen. But then the last 1/2 of the movie stuff happens and it’s scary. The makers of this movie are masters of suspense…. you know it’s coming and that is terrifying. This movie rated R for terror and the only other thing is old, wrinkly naked witch bodies! haha, for real. I was glad I saw this movie and glad I saw it in the morning BUT Monday night…. I did actually have a nightmare about it. This is just a GOOD scary movie and if you like this sort of thing, see it. It’s a thinking persons movie for sure!

A trailer I saw before this that has me all excited is the second Conjuring! This is also a scary movie I can get behind and I LOVE Ed and Lorraine Warren. I have read their books which are the scariest books ever written and I really believe in them and what they do/did. Take a look at the trailer, this is a famous paranormal case…..

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