Monday Movie Mania

I thought we would kick off this Monday with one of my favorite things…. MOVIES! About once a week Matt and I see a movie and then I sneak off another day to see a daytime movie alone. In fact Matt does know me so well that for Valentines day he got me an AMC gift card for my “not so secret” daytime movies he says! HA! Anyhoo, I have 4 great movies to talk about today! YAY

Matt was out of town a few weeks ago so I went to see The Finest Hours and what is funny is that I wasn’t really looking forward to this movie it just happened to be the new one out. But I am so glad I saw this, I loved it. The fact that this is a true story is unreal because that is exactly what it is…. unreal. This would be be great for anyone, including families. Go see this!

I have been trying real hard to see all the Best Picture movies this year and I was able to check another one off the list, Spotlight. This is about the journalists who uncovered the Catholic Priest sex-abuse scandal/cover up. The actors in this movie are great, the story is insightful but is this a best picture winner? I personally don’t think so. For me this was a tad slow and anticlimactic. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie just fine and you need to rent this for sure but don’t run to your nearest theater …. ya know? Or maybe I just got a weird feeling about this because this stupid woman sat next to me and laughed the whole time. Ya, you heard me… laughed and this movie isn’t funny, AT ALL. Crazy

Friday morning at 10am after I had my IUI procedure I decided to take it easy in a movie theater chair, typical! I went to see How to be Single and I LOVED it! This was just a fun, care free, chick flick that made me smile! I will say this isn’t R for any nudity or actual sex but only Rebel Wilson’s potty mouth! haha! If you have an afternoon and want to just check out and relax go see this!! Love!

Lastly Matt and I along with every other person alive went to see Deadpool this weekend for Valentines day! Let me start with saying that we both think we will love this more the second time around. Why? Once again the people next to us ruined the movie. This couple acted as if they have never been to a movie before or that maybe their life long goal was to see Deadpool. They hyena laughed the ENTIRE time, I am talking NON-STOP. I wanted to punch them in their throats which Deadpool would have approved might I add. If you are an adult then this movie is great, DON’T take your kids….. it is vulgar and they won’t get any of it. This movie is funny, gory and breaks all the rules as in Mr. Pool talking directly to the audience! ha! We loved this movie it was just pure fun!

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