FriYAY Meal Planner

Happy Friday everyone, yesterday I made out my meal plan and actually went grocery shopping. What happened to the days when I liked grocery shopping? It is SUCH a chore and I hate it… I mean putting food into the cart isn’t the problem its more of the putting it away at home and paying for it that is the problem! ha!

Weekend Breakfast!
This weekend for breakfast will be French Omelets along side of the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Toast which I love! Now as far as the omelet goes I have been perfecting my Chef omelet thanks to Buzzed I am getting pretty good at it! Here is the how to perfect yours……
Also click HERE for the details!

Friday night aka tonight is Date night out and we are going to a steakhouse, we only eat out one night a week!

This weekend in Denver is going to be beautiful highs in the 60s so it is the perfect weekend to use our Smoker……

Saturday Night
Whole Smoked Chicken 
For the 2 sides I actually had these ingredients left over from last week…
Pan roasted baby potatoes in ranch seasoning (400′ for about 30 min, EVOO)
Butter lettuce salad with poached egg
Brown Sugar Bundt Cake
White Wine!

Sunday Night
I am going to use the leftover Chicken meat for this soup and this soup is SOO good! Last time I made it just for me and ate on it for 3-4 days, it is that good!
Lemon Dill Soup
French Bread
Left over cake!

Monday Night
Matt’s night to come home for dinner, yay!
Skillet Chicken with Mustard Pan Sauce
Roasted Carrots
Arugula Salad with EVOO and Lemon only!

Tuesday Night
Just me for dinner….
Roast Salmon and Brussel Sprouts (clearly I reduced the recipe to serve one but made for 6)

Wednesday Night
Matt’s home and I am making a recipe I made lats month but we loved!!!!
Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef
Served over rice
Baked apple egg rolls 

I hope these recipes will inspire you when you make your meal plan for next week!

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