Weekend Wrap-Up!

We started off this past weekend on a great note, we went to our favorite movie place The Alamo Drafthouse and saw 13 Hours. Matt and I love a good action/war movie and this one did not disappoint. This movie is full of heart, action, suspense, blood and it’s a true story. This is one of those movies that makes you think about “What would I have done or could I do that”? My recommendation… Go see this!

Saturday we had a relaxing day I am currently re-watching Seasons 1 and 2 of Black Sails to get ready for the season 3 premier on Saturday! I cooked us a nice dinner and we rented Burnt with Bradley Cooper, a favorite movie of mine!
Sunday oh Sunday!!!! Matt scored us last minute Broncos Playoff tickets and we had the BEST time!

All snobbery aside, I have never sat higher than the lower level for anything…. no concert or sporting event ever, so this was a new experience but when ticket prices are in the thousands you take what you can get. And honestly they were still great seats! We were Upper Deckers for sure!

What was neat is that we could see past the stadium and see the sun set over the mountains in the background and that was a stunning site to see….. although that meant the temperatures were falling fast! It was a blustery cold day for sure!

Hence my get up…..But I will say this last year we went in early October and I literally got a heat rash thru my jeans…. I would take another freezing cold game over that any day!

Before the game we got invited to this corporate tail gate that had a band, full bars, hot chocolate, TVS and it was fully catered by Elway’s steakhouse among others and that was fun! When we arrived they handed out hand warmers and the clear plastic NFL approved bags to everyone to take to the game! It sure was fun pretending we were high rollers!

You know what…. I had the BEST time with Matt at the game, it was overall a wonderful weekend! I hope your was just as good!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 20, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    After your last Monday post….SO happy to hear that this weekend was awesome! I want to see 13 hours, they did the Premier here behind my office at AT&T stadium. Burnt is really cute, makes me want to cook!

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