Thunder Up!

 I have always said that on my list of things I miss most about Okc is going to the Okc Thunder Games! I miss being in the know, part of the hype and being able to cheer on my team at least once a week! SO when Okc comes to Denver to play the Nuggets I get all sorts of excited… just ask my husband! Since we only get to see them once a year now give or take when they come here we really try to get the best seats possible….. and on Tuesday night we were row 6 behind the net next to the Thunder bench!!

Not only were our seats great but we were literally sat right next to the Nuggets Dancers which you know made me super happy! Matt had to keep telling me to stop starring but I wasn’t doing it badly, I just love professional dancers and being that close really made me miss dancing for the NBA!

The crowd was FULL of Okc fans and we cheered our little hearts out for the WIN!! It was great seeing a Thunder WIN! And I guess you could say that after we went to the Bronco Playoff game on Sunday and 2 days later the Thunder NBA game it was a great week in sports for us two! I tell Matt he is lucky he wife loves going to sporting events as much as he does!

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