New Year Movie Mania!

I think this collections of movie reviews will show you how diverse my taste is as well has just how much I love movies! These all could not be any different and I actually feel completely different about them too! ha!

First Up, Sisters! I took an afternoon to myself before Christmas and went to see this and really enjoyed myself. This movie is silly, part stupid and includes a awesome dance number which is pretty much the trifecta of great! I do think my expectations were really high due to all the buzz but over all I left the theater with a huge smile on face so that makes for a great afternoon! I’m not sure Matt would love it as much as I do but grab a girlfriend and see this!

 I was drawn to The Danish Girl for a few reasons, one being all the awards season buzz and second I was curios about the story. This is the true story of really the first known Transgender person via his/her diary. Eddie Redmayne’s character was married and they were both very accomplished artists in the early 1900s. What was amazing to me in the story was how his wife Gerda not only stood by him but really supported him in every way during his transition to Lily. The love between the two was strong and the actors convey that so well. Clearly this movie is not for everyone but I really loved it, the story was beautiful and the movie itself was beautiful. Bravo!

 Matt and I went to see the remake of Point Break at our favorite eat-in theater on Christmas Day. We were drawn to this movie because it just looked so epic and full of action, we are suckers for a big budget movie. And you know what, it was both of those. But while saying that this remake was more on the renter side. We both very much enjoyed Point Break but we will also enjoy it on the couch when it comes out OnDemand. You don’t enjoy this movie for the story which is super flimsy you enjoy this for the epic extreme sport scenes.

 I know I know, the Star Wars craze is real. For Matt he has never seen any of them but for me I vividly remember watching all of them many many times growing up because my Dad was such a fan. So coming from someone who loved them all and someone who had no clue….. we both LOVED this movie. Truly, this movie left me with a huge smile across my face when we left the theater and I can’t wait to see it again soon! No spoilers here!

Lastly we saw Concussion, Matt wasn’t excited to see it because he said “I know the story” well…. he nor you really do. This movie is a true story and it is eye opening, really…. you need to see it. Will Smith is incredible and this movie manages to teach you something while entertaining you. I highly recommend this movie.

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  1. Becky
    January 15, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    I've got The Danish Girl, Sisters and Concussion on my list. I'm glad to hear you liked all three.

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