Movie Mania!

Hi Friends, Happy Hump Day! I decided we would talk about one of my favorite topics to get us thru Hump Day…. MOVIES! I have no shame on the amount of movies I see and if I reviewed them all on here…. you would get sick of me! ha! Let’s dive in….

First up, Room! I have been wanting to see this for some time and last week I finally got the chance… and man, it’s incredible! Room is based on a best selling book and quit possible one of the best Book to Movie adaptions around. This movie will give you ALL the feels….. sadness, nerves but it will also fill you with love. And I have to talk about the kid who plays Jack… I mean it is unreal how amazing he is in this movie. This movie deserves ALL the awards and nominations it gets….. plus more! I loved this movie and I can’t wait to see it again!

SO I am not gonna lie, I wanted to see this movie but I wasn’t too excited. So we waited until this movie came out OnDemand last Friday and watched it this weekend. And this movie blew me away, I was so surprised by not only how much I loved it but how much more this movie was then I thought it would be. I get it now, this absolutely should have been nominated for several Oscars… 100%! This movie not only shows you a “behind the scenes” look at NWA but really highlights who these guys were and how they become who they are. And let me say…Ice Cubes son who plays him is literally like his clone, it is unreal. You all need to see this and be surprised to at the emotion it will evoke out of you. And ya ya… it is full of boobs and the F-word but that is all a side note to the actors and how amazing they are!

Lastly is The 5th Wave, also a movie from a book… a book I happened to LOVE! I was really really looking forward to this movie and sadly very disappointed. OK, this movie is entertaining and I am always glad that I see any book come to life but this one lacked life. I think it was hard to fit the book into this movie, it was very surface….. quick….. and ended. If I didn’t know the story from the book I think I would of disliked it even more because there was no point. I doubt the other 2 books will ever become movies after this. Wait until this is out to rent. Or watch the trailer below a few times because it includes the best parts.

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