Golden Globes

Ah, yes… I know we have all been holding our breathe for 2 days to see my Fashion picks for the Golden Globes! ha! But yesterday I was in bed all day after our 5th IUI try, I didn’t want to take any chances and really wanted to give my body time to let things happen! Too much information? HA!

Anyways, back to dresses, more dresses and crazy hair! I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t just overwhelmed with anyones look on Sunday but of course some people did stand out for reasons good and bad. 

Worst Dressed!

* Brie Larson, ok and hear me out….. the reason is that I don’t think this fits her well, is it not just me or do her boobs look like they are on her stomach? This whole dress needs to be pulled up so the girls can be in the right place. I also think this ages her, it’s just blah!

 * Oh Cate, you are an icon but this? This is just too much for me! This is Cowgirl meets….. I don’t know what.

 * The Mother of Dragons looks like a frumpy mother all right, I don’t understand anything about this look. She is far too pretty for this drab look.

 * Katy, oh Katy…. we get it you have incredible boobs and I swear as you were on the front row that is all anyone could notice all night. But the dress those boobs are in is so ill-fitting and the “bump-it” in your hair is a hot mess! #girlbye

* And the worst of the night is Channing. This “emo” hair look proves that even Channing can look bad. His hair is greasy and gross, he looks super puffy yet oddly “high and tight” at the same time! And that facial hair is the worst, it looks like a 13 year old boy. Such a disappointment. This makes me sad because we all know how much I LOVE him. 

Best Dressed via ME!

* Amber Heard looks so regal and polished in this dress, I just love everything about it! This color scheme is perfect for her skin and hair and I love how her lips match the flowers!

 * First off I love a covered up JLo, we don’t always need to see everything!! This look is so weird, but it works…. the longer I look at it, the more I love it! And if anyone could look stunning in Mustard it’s JLo!

 * OMG I LOVE this dress! I mean how beautiful does Julianne Moore look in this color? This was so amazing to me! Who knew that red heads looked so amazing in Navy!!

 * No one really talked about Malin or this dress in any of the Fashion run-downs but I mean look at it?!! This dress is stunning and it looks like this ice blue dress matches her eyes perfectly! This is perfection!

 * I swear I did not pick this because I am obsessed with Outlander but because Mrs. Jamie Frasier looks stunning. LOVE THIS! She looks like royalty.

What were your favorite looks of the night????

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