The Name Game

SO I posted this video on Facebook last night and some of my friends shared in the laugh as well as the guilt over doing this. You know that if you have been to my house my animals all have several names and some most be sung in songs…. and they really do answer to these names, I swear!
So, I was inspired to pull back the curtain at our house and share with you these crazy names which I am sure Matt will deny ever happen. Now, some are not even real words… so I will sound them out for you.
Don’t judge…. or do….. it just means if I spent this much time on silly names they are truly loved! Lets dive in…….

Given Name: Oscar Savage
Nicknames: Osckie-pants, Osc, Pup, Puperoni, Puppy-Parts, Jerbrone, Jerbronie, Roni, Roni-Rutter , Rhino-buns

 Given Name: Abner Gundy Savage
Nicknames: Abby, Foo, Mr. Magoo, Fabby, Turtle Dove, Hippie-Hoe, Hungry Hippo, Mr. Foo Foo, Fooby from the Old Country

 Given Name: Isabella “Bella” DuBois-Savage
Nicknames: Bella, Belly, Smelly, Moosh, Mooshee, NeeNee, Chicken, Neens,
Song: Boots with the Fur by Nelly

Given Name: Ralph West Savage
Nicknames: Roo, Roobear, Roobee, Ralphie, Buttercup, Ruberto, Ruubeartooo (said with rolling of tongue like I’m Italian) Roobicon, Roobeedoo, Doo
Song: The Davy Crocket Song “Roobee, Roobee-Doobie, King of the wild frontier”

We also have specific songs for eating I call “Hungry Hippie-Hoes” and for going to the restroom “Potty People” which is a rap song.
Yes, people…. this is my real life.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 24, 2015 / 2:55 pm

    This is the sweetest and made me laugh out loud (which I needed this holiday season!)

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