Savage Thanksgiving!

This year was our first year to actually host anyone for Thanksgiving, in years past I have always made the WHOLE shebang for Matt and I but this year I got to feed my In-laws as well!

They flew in Wednesday and while Matt was still working we decided to have a little fun…….

 I took them on a tour of Broncos stadium and we had a great time, it was cool to see a little “hubbub” around the stadium as they were getting ready for the Patriots! GO BRONCOS!

 We gave my In-laws a true Colorado Thanksgiving by having a White Thanksgiving, and in fact it snowed all day which was kinda magical!

 We also got to spot the deer out behind our house, which my father-in-law loved!

 Oscar got a lot of extra loving but Thanksgiving was a little rough for him, he doesn’t like commotion and so this little guy was lashing out a bit, it broke my heart.

 This looks like a Christmas dinner doesn’t it? ha! It’s always nice to get to use the dining room and we all tried to eat extra slow since I cooked for like 6 hours and then it’s done in 15 minutes!

 Ok, ignore my face…. but….. we smoked our first Turkey, for 7 hours and all day I was so nervous because we have never done that before and behold….. it turned out AMAZING! Literally we were so excited but I swear best Turkey ever!

 Before they left on Saturday we fit in some shopping, movies and we also went by Dove Valley the Broncos training facility since it is close to our house!

 Oh… Oscar wanted me to show you all his new Winter coat, he loves it and its adorable!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you all did too!!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 4, 2015 / 5:17 pm

    <3 Looks like it was a great visit and meal! I totally LOVE Oscars coat, it suits him perfectly. He looks so dapper. 😉

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