When my parents were here my Dad brought his camera and we did a photo shoot with Oscar. At first he was scared because getting in a car usually means we are going somewhere he doesn’t like but once he realized the afternoon was all about him….. he was the happiest puppy around!

 I got him a bow tie which made him look even more handsome than he normally does and we loved how the photos turned out!

 This picture which I feel like really captures our love for him is our Christmas card! I haven’t sent out cards in over 3 years but this year it was all about our animals. Isn’t it cruel how each year our love grows stronger for our babies but we are going to out live them all.

 I LOVE this one! This one will be a framers, he looks so cute!

 We let him run wild at the school park in our neighborhood and he was so tired by the time we got home!

 We tried to do a family picture at home but getting our 3 dogs to look and stay still is challenging! haha!

 Here is my boy Abner, you would never know he is 14!

And we could not forget the lady of the house Miss Bella, she was laying in a beam of sun (her favorite) and we caught some great pictures of her!

 So who is Oscar? Good, you know he has good days when he is running around and playing like normal and you would never know he is sick. On those days we think he will be with us for a long time. But he has bad days and like a real kid he only wants to be held by me. Those days are tough. When my parents were here the weenies both claimed my dads lap…..

Oscar also gets to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad now and he is so cute, and yes…. he knows how to use a pillow and insists on having his head on it. I will always cherish moments like these….

 This is what he does on days he is sick, he just begs at my feet until I sit down with him and he curls up like a baby and sleeps on me. Something else he has started doing is lashing out a bit. It wasn’t his fault at all but he did bite me last week, pretty bad but that is one of the only ways he knows how to get his point across. Ya know? It breaks my heart.

Overall we think Oscar is very very happy and he is enjoying every moment of all his special treatment! Keep him in your prayers. 

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  1. Anonymous
    December 2, 2015 / 2:03 pm

    Oh my gosh. I am in tears at my desk (borderline ugly cry)! Thank God I am in my office.They are beautiful, and pictures you will treasure forever. Tell your Dad good job. The love is VERY apparent and it is cruel as you put it indeed to have to outlive our pets!It breaks my heart in a million pieces knowing what is ahead and so soon.

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