My TOP Shows of 2015

I watch a LOT of TV and I LOVE A lot of shows but still my top are my TOP!!! And this is in order and if your not watching then you are missing out!

1. What can I say…. I LOVE a good zombie and I love how intense this show is… it keeps me on my toes!

 2. Outlander… I cannot express who stunning this show is, how amazing the actors are and how beautiful a job they did brining this book to life! #love

 3. Narcos, I know I know that 1/2 this show is in subtitles but it is worth every word you read. I loved this show and I swear I became obsessed with this…..

 4. Homeland, I swear this show can do NO wrong…. this is literally the best of the best. My love for this show knows no bounds and in the off time I literally start from the beginning again because I want to experience it all again!

 5. Game of Thrones AND let me say that I have loved this show since the very first episode aired all those years ago… I am not a bandwagon fan but an original OG!!!!!

 6. Flesh and Bone…. want to know the only bad thing about this show??? the fact that there was ONLY 8 episodes. And each person is an actual ballerina and they can act…. talk about amazing talent! Watch this!

 7. Daredevil! And last but not least this show is pure FUN! I love the adult spin on a comic book character and I cannot wait until season 2!!!!!

What are you favorites this year????

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