Go Broncos!

Matt ran a life promotion with his agents and if they qualified they got to come to the Broncos vs Chiefs game and we also provided a fun tailgate! Over the course of about 3 hours we had around 20 people at the tailgate and we had a great time. Mom and I cooked all afternoon the day before making brownies, cookies, dips…. you name it! Then we grilled Brats and hot links at the tailgate for everyone! 

 It was fun that my parents got to come also, this is the second year in a row that they came for a Broncos game and it’s a tradition now! And how lucky were we…. in November the weather was perfect, mid-50s is perfect game day weather!

 The funny thing is that Mom, Dad and I didn’t get to sit with Matt or everyone else because when Matt bought the tickets he forgot about us! HA! So I had to buy ours separate but it’s ok… I made sure we had better seats! BOOM

 Our seats were perfect, we were right behind the goal post only 14 rows up! I mean we were super happy!

 And we got to witness history…… Peyton accomplish Most Passing Yards and then sadly get pulled from the game while we lost…. BUT we love our Broncos and had a wonderful time despite the outcome!

 Look what the world gave us….. a STUNNING Broncos colored sunset over the game!

 When they were in the Endzone we were so close we could hear them, super neat!

We all had the best time and too bad these games are SOOO expensive or I would love to go more. Maybe we will get on the Season ticket waitlist which is 10-20 years wait! lol…. maybe by then we will have money!
GO Broncos!

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