Snow Day!!

The Snow Day that Mom and I had gave us over 16 inches of snow at my house and it was an absolute Winter Wonderland. And being from Oklahoma this is a rare occurrence I wanted Mom to enjoy! Trust me, she didn’t want to get all bundled up and go play in the snow but after I forced her too…. she loved it! It’s funny how 30 minutes in snow, with dogs, with the camera while the snow is still falling…. it can be the best of times!

 Ralph is our Snow Puppy….. he LOVES it. Right before we all went out he cries at the door because he wants to play in the snow so bad! And that toy lasted about 5 minutes…. it is still currently buried somewhere in a snow drift in the yard!

 And let me tell ya…… is this not a framer? I mean really….

 Look how beautiful my backyard looks! I love it!

 Ralph was literally having the time of his life.

 With all the snow on it the trees in our backyard look like the perfect Christmas tree! Picture perfect I would say!

 Abler….. HATES the snow, about as much as he hates the sweater I put on him but boy does he look adorable!

We had a great day, I wish Matt was at home to play in the snow with us too! We are suppose to get 8 inches over Thanksgiving and the day after so maybe I will force my In-Laws into having a romp in the snow while they are here too!


  1. Claire
    November 24, 2015 / 4:38 pm

    I LOVE snow. We don't get enough here, and when we do it's like the world stops turning. But me? I WANT IT TO SNOW!!!!!

  2. Anonymous
    November 29, 2015 / 5:43 am

    How much fun!! I am so glad your Mom got to experience that. It did look like a Winter Wonderland. The Oscar one is a framer indeed! Ralphie must have lived somewhere with snow in his past life (lol) He was enjoying it way too much being from Oklahoma! 🙂

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