How to Have a Successful Garage Sale!

 I have been helping my parents with Garage Sales my whole life so when I got my own house, I was an expert! And even back 6 years to Matt and I’s first garage sale we were successful! Every Garage Sale I have had we have made over $1,000 in just 2 days. And today I am going to give you a few tips on what works for us!
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FUN signs!! This worked really well for us (until someone stole them) but…. people loved them and everyone commented on the signs when they showed up! Make sure you put them out 1 full day ahead so people can plan for your sale!
There are really only 2 websites you need to advertise on and I got a ton of traffic from Both!
1. Craigslist, make sure you re-post your Ad each morning so it is fresh for people to find!
2. this is a neighborhood website to connect to your neighbors and this worked out great and it is nice to a member of anyways!

 You have to invest a little, I got 2 cheap garment rack and a lot of neon paper! The tables we already had! Think of it this way, set up like a store… so people will enjoy shopping and feel like they are at something more than a Garage Sale!

Label EVERYTHING! It might take a few hours but it is well worth it and customers don’t like to speak up and haggle. Also give yourself plenty of set-up time. I started 2 weeks early… unloading boxes, setting up tables, making signs…. it’s a ton of work but can be worth it!

 Low Prices is also a key…. we had nothing over $5! And ya, it sucked selling name brands at $2 but if it doesn’t sell it gets donated so anything is something!

 Keep a calculator and scratch pad handy for tallying up your customers… this was super helpful for me!

 I got this cute coupon organizer and used it to organize our change. And we priced NOTHING under $1… we did;t want to deal with .50 or .25 and that was a huge help also!

 Make a FREE box… people loved it! And make sure you place it where people can see it from your street…. this will get them in and yes, people will take anything as long as it’s FREE!

 Lastly, use what you have around the house… we had moving boxes which worked out great for shirts and when it was done I just had to close it back up again!

Next week Salvation Army is coming to get the rest of our stuff and I highly recommend donating everything you don’t sell!
Happy Garage Selling friends!!!

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