Half Moon Bay

The Sunday of our San Fran trip might actually be my favorite day now looking back, our day trip to Half Moon Bay. We got up early and on our 45 minute drive on the Pacific Coast HWY we got to watch the sun rise over the ocean and see all the pumpkin fields on our way to the Ritz. It was breathtaking.

 San Fran is SO busy, dirty and filled with smoke that being here was literally a breathe of fresh air and we were so peaceful.

 Matt got to play a the famous Half Moon Bay Ocean Course where all the major tournaments have been in the past and I was his photographer on the first 1/2 of the course!

 I got some really great shots of Matt and the scenery didn’t hurt either! How do I like riding along with Matt while he plays? WELL… I don’t! He is really good, and he takes it really serious so when he is in the zone he wouldn’t even talk to me. SO… needless to say I was glad I peaced-out on the back 9 to head to the Spa at the Ritz.

 That is the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay where the course is attached to….

 Half Moon Bay is the Pumpkin Capital of California, who knew? SO the resort had many pumpkin themed items, food, drink, spa and the city is full of fields of pumpkins… If we weren’t in a Uber I would have wanted to stop for more pictures!

 The homes that lined the course were unreal…… You know I LOVE the sound of the waves and the ocean, I really could be happy there I told Matt! hahaha!

 The morning was cool, bright, peaceful and Matt played his best as usual.

 I had a Pumpkin Facial at the Spa at the Ritz and it was Amazing! Afterwards on the deck of the resort they have these anorak chairs lined up over looking the course and the ocean and I was happily content for quite a while!


 We ran out of time and had to get back to San Fran but I regret not walking down to that beach!

The day was perfect except for ONE thing…… I have a funny story for you…. SO I got us reservations at Navio the Ritz’s “famous” Sunday brunch like 6 weeks out and I was SOO excited! The buffet was unreal anything your heart could want they had it. And I thought that the price was $59 per person, so we were already trying to eat our money worth…. but oh no…. I was WRONG!!! It was $109 per PERSON! hahaha! So we literally both went back to try and shove more food down our mouths and try everything because we literally spent with tip $250 at BREAKFAST!!!!!!!! Matt and I do not mind spending money on food but BRUNCH? Luckily Matt was a good sport and we had a nice laugh and a FULL tummy!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 2, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    Incredible pictures! There is one, I would almost love to get made into a frame picture for my office. The current Ansel Adams picture behind my desk is of a Pier down in Southern California.You had me laughing out loud, how y'all went back shoving food down, to get your money's worth. 🙂

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