Crimson Peak

Is it just me or do you feel like you spend more time getting excited for the month of October then actually doing anything Fall/Halloween related? It’s sad, but this month just flies by. So Saturday after our garage sale I wanted to see Crimson Peak and have some scares to get me into the Holiday Mood…. ha! But sadly Crimson Peak was much more Crimson Bleak!!!! Let me say that the sets are stunning, it is a true gothic movie but that is where the excitement ends. I am a scary movie baby and even I wasn’t the least bit scared of this movie at all. It is a romance but that story line also left us flat. Now, with all that being said… RENT THIS! This will be great to watch curled up on your own couch but don’t waste your money this was a HUGE disappointment!!!!!! Check out the trailer here and you can see the promise of a great movie… a great movie that wasn’t. Not even the big names could save it…..

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