Tales of Infertility…

Hi Guys! I am back from Vacation and this week I will have vacation updates for you AND a few Fall decorating posts…. so get excited! But you know what really kicks off a Monday right? A Debbie Downer post….. hahaha!

SO I wanted to update you all on our infertility journey, last time I posted I explained in this post HERE how we found out we won’t be able to get pregnant without some sort of doctors help, so check out that post for more information.

Now the update is that last month we did our first IUI cycle and this picture below is me, on the doctors table after the procedure “relaxing” while Matt was playing on his phone a few feet away from me….. so ya, conceiving a baby is super sexy Y’all……And we are true Okies, I may not have any pants on but I am wearing my BOOMER SOONER shirt because it was Game Day! 🙂

But as of this weekend we found out that it didn’t take. I am not pregnant. And I do have 2 friends where it worked the first time and 2 friends that took a couple of tries so this isn’t completely unexpected just a HUGE bummer. This time around finding out we are not pregnant was the worst yet because of all the MONEY, time, medicine and everything that went into this time. Literally an entire month of our lives (or mine) was spent in the doctors office. So ya, it hurts but I have processed it and we are moving on.
Ok….. what now? Well I got to the doctor in actually 1 hour to start the WHOLE process over again. So wish us luck!


  1. Anonymous
    September 28, 2015 / 4:45 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this Nicole. I know there are no words to comfort you. Will be praying that this time works for y'all.

  2. Amy
    September 29, 2015 / 1:51 pm

    I'm so so sorry! I'm guessing whoever said trying for a baby was sexy never went through infertility issues. Praying for you guys as you continue down this road. Praying it works this time. Praying for peace and patience and grace.

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