Family Visit Part 1!

Labor Day weekend is always something I look forward to since we moved away from Oklahoma because it means my family is coming to see ME!!!!!! YAY! We had a great 3 days with everyone and of course I filled it with good fun and great food!!!

And the animals are always excited to see everyone too….. Oscar loves his Auntie Marissa!

 This is a great picture of my Mom and Sister huh? And that yellow door isn’t too shabby either! haha!

 Friday we did a little Guys and Girls day and the guys spent the day on the Golf Course, Matt is really excited that Marissa’s fiance Ryan loves playing golf as much as he does!

And while the guys golfed the girls shopped…………..

 My Dad’s Birthday is always the weekend before Labor Day so we always have a belated celebration when they are here and this year instead of going out we broke in my new dining room! We also gave Dad his new Birthday presents…. a new tradition of a Broncos weekend! Matt and I are taking Mom and Dad to the Broncos vs Chiefs game in November and we all can’t wait!

 We were so exhausted each day we had movie night at home every night and the dogs loved dessert time….. this is what happens when you are the last person to finish……..

 We took a little detour one day to the Broncos Training Facility at Dove Valley which was fun and who knew…. it is so close to my house!

 And keeping with the sports themed weekend we went to take in an afternoon Rockies game!

 It was perfect weather to cheer on the home team followed by dinner out in Denver!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Day Trip to Colorado Springs with the family!!!!!!!

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