Something I have always said once again rings true…… “Even if the change is good, change is HARD”!! The 1 1/2 years we had in Stapleton, living the modern city life…. I LOVED! We loved everything about Stapleton accept for the cost of living…. it was unrealistic and our time card was up!

 In the weeks before the move we ate at our favorite places around the house, went to the Farmers Market, the pool and really took advantage of all Stapleton had to offer….. a proper goodbye you could say!

 Then the SUCKY part began….. even though we lived in a small townhouse and most of our stuff was in storage packing it all up was the WORST! Below, is my “I am having so much fun face”!! It took me a full week to completely pack everything up…..

 Now, I want to say that we could NOT have done this move without the guys at Matt’s office who gave up 2 days of their time to help us move! THANK YOU guys so much! I hope you all enjoy your Okc Thunder Shirts I got you all as a Thank You! Okies to the core we are!

 My Mom and Matt’s Dad also flew in to help us out…. and more than anything be there for each of us…. I guess you could say that even at 34 Matt is a Daddy’s boy and I am a Mommy’s girl… sometimes you just need them!

 This is day 2, and I have completely entered a delirious state…… I wanted to bury myself in packing paper and never come out. I sound dramatic but moving, unpacking and everything that goes along with that is literally one of the worst thing ever!
How did all the animals do on the move? Eh… Bella the cat decided to hole up in the covers in my bed for a full day, I was worried I was going to have to pour her dinner into the bed when she decided to rejoin the world! Oscar (our tan weenie) took it hard…. he would not leave mine or my Moms side for a full week.. poor baby!

 We were literally dead tired everyday…. and I wore my Fitbit and I literally walked 7 MILES in my own home one day… I mean can you believe that???

We are still dealing with boxes, hanging things up and trying to get organized…….. it is never ending! But I am back to blogging and I will be catching you all up over the next few days!!!

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