Dear Concerts,

 Dear Concerts,
Matt and I LOVE going to you, we LOVE seeing our favorites in person, we LOVE singing along to our favorite songs and we love you. I have probably been to over 100 concerts in my life and Matt not as much but still. Now, my question is when did they stop being fun? When did you all decide that $150 is the starting rate for the experience? When did having 3 openers who NO ONE cares about become the normal?

 Take our loved Imagine Dragons we went to 3 weeks ago….. the concert starts at 7 pm, so why is it ok that you do NOT take the stage until 10pm?????? Literally, by the time you did we were not “amped” up … we were pissed and we left 30 minutes later.

Last night we went to Red Rocks and yes, we are SO lucky to be able to see concerts in this famous venue! Matt’s cousin Vanessa was even in town to share in it with us………..

 A little side note, I can guarantee that we were the only “tailgate” that included chicken sandwiches and arugula plus homemade cookies (NOT laced with pot)! The best people-watching happened while we ate! ha

So we saw Incubus!!! I mean yes.. I want you to be jealous… Incubus AT Red Rocks. Yes, that was epic and once in a lifetime!

Now we knew you were there with The Deftones…. who are apparently are named that because to like them you must be TONE DEAF! So this is me (below), listening to 3 1/2 HOURS of people screaming bloody murder into the mic and calling it music BEFORE Incubus took the stage at 9:30pm! I also wanted to scream into a mic….

And also, unless you are wasted or high you are screwed. For normal people like us we had to spend our night telling the stupid drunk people next to us to please NOT hit us every time they danced like an idiot. So when our beloved Incubus came on the majority of the crowd was so drunk and high we couldn’t enjoy the concert because everyone ruined it for us. 

 And yes, we were prepared for every person to blow weed in our faces… thank God I brought my glasses because my contacts were ruined. And when we got home we had to strip off our outfits and shower at 1am because of how we smelled.

So I guess the question is…. IS all of that worth it? 

Incubus was incredible…. we LOVE them, they sound just like their CD’s and they played all our favorites. This was my 5th time to see Incubus……But is it worth it? Am I just too old for this? Or am I just “no fun” ?? But really, when did concerts become something they aren’t?

You know what I would pay over $150 a ticket for? For me to walk in at 7pm which is concert time and by 7:35 the actual band is playing. For real. 

Today I feel like I got run over by a truck. 

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